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beer garden
& Yard

Two distinct spaces aimed at offering somewhat different experiences 


The beer garden, our original outdoor space, caters to guests looking for a dog friendly full service seated area. With shade and close proximity to the main building the beer garden is an awesome spot where parties hang out and enjoy cold drinks and food via table service.


(the yard not yet open to the public)

The yard, in some ways is the opposite of the beer garden. Essentially a self-serve area where you can grab drinks at the bar and head out to the yard; play corn hole, toss the disc, lay in the shade. If you get the munchies and wanna get a table, go inside and the host will seat you.


Dogs are not allowed anywhere on the yard

(dog owners know what dogs do on grass... even when us owners have the best intentions.) 

Our aim with the beer garden & yard is to create an outdoor space that can be enjoyed in more than one way, however, we need some order on how it’s managed to ensure our staff can serve guests in a way that’s timely, organized, and consistent - which is what we’ve strived for from the beginning.

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