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Chips and Salsa  |  $5 gluten free
Top Notch Fries  |  $6 gluten free / vegan

fresh cut russet potatoes, house spice blend

Curry Fries  |  $7

served with our house made curry aioli

Big Day Poutine  |  $12

hand cut fries topped with bacon, fried cheese curds, gravy, horseradish crema, & chives


Northern Lights  |  $7 gluten free

maple bacon glazed crispy fried brussels sprouts with black pepper aioli

Wings  |  $12 gluten free

served with choice of sauce: hot sauce, hot maple, bbq


served on warm corn tortillas

Roasted Sweet Potato  |  $6 gluten free/vegan-option

seasoned chipotle roasted sweet potatoes, black bean salsa, fresh slaw, cotija, kickin' chipotle aioli

Steak  |  $8 gluten free

grilled steak, shredded jack cheese, topped with pico de gallo, & bbq sauce drizzle

Tater Bowl  |  $14 

house fried chicken, mashed potatoes, topped with crumbled bacon, house gravy, green onion; served with slice of texas toast

*substitute steak +$2

Noody Bowl  |  $12 vegan-option

chilled lo mein noodles tossed with red cabbage, edamame, bell peppers, green onion, & micro greens; served with house made ginger-soy dressing & topped with cashews

*add grilled chicken +$4 / pork belly +$4 / steak +$5

Big Ceasar  |  $12

romaine, parmesean cheese, & house made ceasar dressing, tossed & topped with homemade croutons

*add grilled chicken +$4

served with house made potato chips substitute top notch fries +$2
Rail Trail Smashburger  |  $14

local farm raised beef, sharp cheddar, shire sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles                                     

Huntington  |  $14

fried chicken topped with house made slaw and pickles, tossed in choice of sauce; hot sauce, hot maple, sweet chili

Zach-Attack  |  $12

fried chicken wrap with lettuce, pico de gallo, bacon, & house made honey mustard

*substitute sweet potato

Stony Brook  |  $16

smoked trout on schiacciata bread, fresh greens, soft brie, with cucumber & onion tossed in lemon juice and cracked pepper

Black Mountain Churros  |  $7 

mini churros coated in cinnamon-sugar, topped with house made apple compote & whipped cream

Black & Tan Big Whoop Pies  |  $10 

house made knee deep stout whoopie pie with coffee creme filling

items subject to change


Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness. Please alert your server of any food allergies. Most dietary preferences can be accommodated.

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